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2002                                                          Harper College School of Cardiovascular Ultrasound, Palatine, Illinois


1983                                                          Baptist Medical Center School of Histotechnology, Little Rock, Arkansas HT(ASCP)


1982                                                          College of the Ozarks, Point Lookout, Missouri  Biology





Aug2011-present               Quintiles , Consultant with Seeds of Innovation Technologies                                                                     


Sept 2010-July2011           Loyola Stritch School of Medicine, Maywood, Illinois

Dec 2009-July 2010           Illinois Dermatology Institute, Park Ridge, Illinois

          Apr 2009-present              Histotechnician, Uropartners LLC, Oak Brook, Illinois

          Mar 2009 –July 2009          Dermatology Residency Coordinator, Manager of Mohs and  Immunofluorescence laboratories


2001-Mar 2009                  Director, Research Pathology, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago Illinois


1998-2001                                                  Research Specialist, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

Head Technician, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri.


1996-1997                                     Research Histotechnologist, G.D. Searle, St. Louis, Missouri


1994-1995                                     Research Technician, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri


1991-1995                                     Senior Histotechnologist, Mercy Health Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


1988-1990                                     Supervisor: Cytology/Histology, St. John’s Regional Health Center, Springfield, Missouri


               Jan 1984-Feb 1988            Supervisor,  Dilday, McConnell and McKinney----

                                                            Now known as Arkansas Pathology Associates, Little Rock, Arkansas


              June 1983-Dec 1983          Histologist, Medical Arts Laboratory, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma





            August 2011 to present        Clinical Histotechnologist, Quintiles


              Sept 2010 to July 2011         Research Histologist, Loyola Stritch School of Medicine


            Dec 2009 to July 2010         Histology Manager, Illinois Dermatology Institute


              Apr 2009 to present              Routine Histology and Immunohistochemistry



               Mar 2009 to July 2009        Daily operation of Mohs and Immunofluorescence laboratories, Coordination of Residency Program


            2001-Mar 2009                   Directs daily operations of Research Pathology Core to include all phases of

                                                           histology and immunohistochemisty. Directs new proof of concept trials.

                                                          Responsible for budget, capital equipment forecasting and staffing issues.

                                                          Actively involved in outreach program to new clients. Involved in grant

                                                          submission and writing.


1997-2001                                     Managed cardiovascular laboratory. Responsible for a staff of technicians,

post doctoral candidates and graduate students. Responsible for all purchasing

Issues and budgetary planning. Involved in grant preparation and disbursement.

Responsible for all safety issues regarding biohazards and radioactive materials.

Provided surgical expertise to support model, method development, data analysis and interpretation, cell isolation, patch clamping and field stimulation of cardiac myocytes.


1996-1997                                      Worked as a team member to support the development of a novel cardiovascular

drug. Provided biochemical analysis, histological analysis, method development and validation, data analysis and interpretation. Provided surgical techniques to support model.


1994-1995                                      Operated Image Analysis Laboratory supporting client projects. Developed

New methodologies to support client base. Responsible for the analysis of cell populations, instructed technicians and performed molecular biological techniques.


1991-1994                                     Directed daily laboratory operations, handled purchasing and acquisition issues.

Instructed student histologist. Instituted quality assurance programs. Worked as

A team member to prepare material for pathological diagnosis. Organized a laboratory safety committee to handle compliance issues. Served as a member of inspection team to prepare for ASCP and FDA inspections.


1988-1990                                     Acted as supervisor of Histology and Cytology. Managed operating budget of

Approximately 1 million dollars. Managed staff of approximately 30 workers. Compiled and presented data, developed protocols. Planned expansion and construction projects. Responsible for meeting all regulatory requirements. Prepared material for pathological diagnosis.






Management skills to include fiscal budgeting, capital equipment, purchasing, labor relations and communications.


Safety and regulatory compliance.


Information Technology: PC and Mac, Word, Power Point, Excel, UNIX, Cell Quest and CAS Systems.




1)  Surgical Techniques:                     Small animal surgery and anesthesia. Responsibilities include surgical induction

                                                            of myocardial infarction, aortic insufficiency, aortic stenosis and long term studies in a rabbit model.


2)  Cell Culture:                                  Isolation and establishment of primary mammalian cultures. Cell line maintenance including passage and cryopreservation.


3)  Animal Expertise:                         Extensive handling experience and knowledge of anatomy and physiology of mice, rats, rabbits and hamsters. Dissection, necropsy, injection and phlebotomy.


4)  DNA/RNA Techniques:                PCR, SOUTHERN AND Northern hybridization, In situ hybridization.


5)  Protein Techniques:                       Extraction and purification, immunoprecipitation, immunocytochemistry, Western blot.

6)  Analytical Techniques:                 RIA, blood gas analysis, flame photometry, enzymatic analysis, immunoassay.


7)  Special Techniques:                      Image Analysis, Flow Cytometry, Facscan, working heart models.


8)  Histology Techniques:                  Gross tissue dissection, necropsy, frozen sectioning, microtomy, special stains, immunohistochemistry, Moh’s technique.


9)  Computer skills:                            PC and Mac, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, UNIX, Cobalt, Cell Quest and CAS systems.


10) LMD:                                             Laser Microdissection of tissue components for protein analysis.


11) Sonography:                                  Cardiac Sonography utilizing Acuson Sequoia and HP systems.




1991-1994                                                             Clinical Instructor: Histology Consortium




1) American Society of Clinical Pathology


2) National Histology Society


3) American Association of Laboratory Animal Science



Numerous Publications in the areas of Heart Failure and Uveal Melanoma

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