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Air Quality Filtration System

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Price: $1,400.00
Item Number: AQFS001
Manufacturer: Seeds of Innovation
Think about it … What do you do more than anything else all day long?
You breathe. So why not breathe the cleanest air you possibly can, especially in the laboratory setting?

The Air Quality Filtration System (AQFS) has been specifically designed to help
minimize your exposure to fumes and odors generated from chemicals caused by the everyday use
of solvents, such as, alcohol, xylene, toluene and formalin.

The unit has a small footprint, it measures 23 inches high and 11 inches wide.
It requires very little space and is designed to be placed on the floor or counter.

• Improves air quality in your lab.
• Minimizes hazardous fumes in your lab.
• Works quietly and efficiently 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
• Aids with compliance issues.


Speed Settings for Fan

Air Displacement

Cubic feet per minute







 The Filter is made with Activated Carbon and the inorganic chemical compound Potassium Permanganate.  It will help minimize your exposure to everyday solvents such as alcohol, xylene, toluene, formalin and many other chemicals used in your laboratory and other workplace environments.

 The system pulls in and filters air through a full 360°.

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