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Medite - Modular Paraffin Embedding Station (TES Valida Model)

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Price: $11,070.00
Item Number: TES-VALIDA
Manufacturer: Medite

This modular paraffin embedding center has adapted the latest standards from technology and design and incorporates excellent performance and ergonomics.

All three modules are manufactured with robust sheet metal casings. These metal casing and all other surfaces are resistant against common cleaning compounds.

Each module has its own timer, allowing the user to program individual beginning and ending times according to the current specific needs. 

Convenient programming of the modules by a touch control screen is fast and easily done because of simple to understand symbols.

Dispensing Unit

The aluminum dispensing unit offers a large tank volume of 4.6 liters, a square cold spot, and storage space on the flat top of the dispenser nozzle. An adjustable lamp provides perfect illumination of your work­space.

Thermal Unit

The thermal unit has an easily accessible pre-warming chamber, which can take in a large number of embedding molds. Furthermore, the paraffin tray is now deeper and can accept most baskets from every common tissue processor for storage of specimens in melted paraffin. Most important, it not only offers temperature control, but also has time control to ease your workflow.

Cooling Unit

The key feature of the cooling unit is its large stainless steel surface that offers space for storage of more than 100 paraffin blocks. To offer you more flexibility, multiple cooling unit sizes are already under develop­ment. A compact size will also be available in the near future.

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