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UltraFix - Formalin-Free Tissue Fixative

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UltraFix®, Formalin-Free Tissue Fixative

No Formaldehyde
No Mercury
No Alcohol

Quality -UltraFix is an excellent general fixative for all automated and manual processing techniques, producing results that are second to none. It improves the sharpness, brightness and contrast of stained specimens in every procedure.

Safety- UltraFix is formaldehyde-free, contains no flammable components and emits no odor or fumes.  Disposal is simple and economical. With UltraFix there is no longer a need to monitor lab atmosphere for formaldehyde vapors.

Versatility- Not only does UltraFix excel as a general fixative, it produces results that are superior to B-5, Zenkers, Bouins, Carnoys and virtually every other special fixative.  UltraFix is better.  Tissue handles better, cuts better and stains much better.  UltraFix eliminates purchasing or preparing any other fixative.  UltaFix is the only fixative you will need to purchase.

Economy- UltraFix is priced about the same as a quality formalin fixative and is much less expensive than all the specialized fixatives it replaces. Consider the cost of safely and legally disposing of formalin fixatives.  Unlike formalin UltraFix is easily neutralized for safe disposal via an inexpensive procedure.  UltraFix eliminates the expense and disruption associated with monitoring formaldehyde vapor in the lab.

Immunoperoxidase Staining- Since UltraFix provides excellent preservation of cellular elements it is a superior replacement for hazardous fixative such as B-5 and Bouins in immunoperoxidase techniques.  In addition UltraFix does not produce anti-genic cross-linking so preparation with Proteolytic enzymes is not necessary.

Technical Notes regarding the use of UltraFix

Unlike 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin, UltraFix is a protein coagulant fixative, which fixes, but does not overfix tissues.  The penetration rate is 2-4 mm/hour.  A slight color change in the tissue will be noted as the tissue is fixed.

Special Considerations when using UltraFix

1. All frozen sections matrix ie. OTC, must be thoroughly rinsed from the tissue prior to placing the tissue in UltraFix
2. Some increased eosinophilia may be noted.  It may be necessary to decrease the time/strength of the eosin counterstain
3. The artifact in the lacunar cells of Hodgkin's disease that is due to formaldehyde fixation will not be present in UltraFix fixed tissues
4. Use of formaldehyde containing fixative may be desired for fixation of entire brains from autopsies

For immunoperoxidase staining techniques, all use of proteolytic enzymes (ie. trypin, pepsin) can be discontinued. Enhancement of the reaction end product (stronger chromogen staining) will be noted in UltraFix tissue sections.


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