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Artemis BIO OXYGEN LAUNDRY 100 Parts A & B, Quarts (2/A, 2/B per Case)

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Price: $50.00
Item Number: ABOLQ4
Manufacturer: Artemis BioSolutions

Artemis Bio-Oxygen Laundry

Artemis Bio-Oxygen Laundry  is a patented two part liquid detergent system. Simply mix part one and part two in equal amounts and it is ready to use. This product contains a unique activated oxygen cleaning system.

The formulation not only cleans typical soils but will restore clothing that has mold and mildew damage. Laboratory test have proven that after washing with the Bio-Oxygen Laundry formulation a “ZONE” of inhibition exists on the fabric. The “ZONE” is a barrier that will not allow microorganism to grow. This barrier is safe and is closely related to the typical fabric softener.

Bio-Oxygen Laundry removes bio-film, strong odors, dirt and stains from all types of laundry.  This product was developed to safely clean hospital, hotel, institutional, food service and home laundry.

Formulated for Residential and Commercial washing machines. * for commercial laundries systems please contact Artemis Bio-Solutions for details.

ARTEMIS BIO-OXYGEN SERIES: Bio-Oxygen products utilize a form of safe, activated oxygen technology that is unique to Artemis. This is safe and effective technology that can be used in hospitals, clinics, institutions and homes.

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