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Buffer Solution, pH 7.00, [Liter]

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Buffer Solution, pH 7.00, [Liter]

                                                           % by Weight
EKI Ultra-Pure Water                           >98
Sodium Phosphate, Monobasic           <1
Sodium Hrdroxide                                <1

EK Industries Ultra-Pure Water

The EKI water system is very sophisticated.

This water is ideal for reconstituting chemistry or coagulation regents, preparing analytical standards or rinsing delicate electrodes. Our water should be used in place of deionized or distilled water to improve control in critical diagnostic procedures.

This water is suitable for any sort of clinical laboratory application. It is essentially free from organic and inorganic particulate and soluble contaminants. It provides consistency from test to test and lot to lot.

Here are the steps from when it is pumped from the well until packaging.

1) Ozone treatment

2) Carbon filtration

3) Ion exchange softening

4) High performance reverse osmosis membrane filtration

5) Sub-micron filtration

6) Mixed bed deionization

7) Secondary treatment in final polishing deionization system with beds using nuclear grade resins (to 18 megohm-cm resistivity)

8) UV irradiation for sterilization

9) Secondary sub-micron filtration to .2 micron

It meets the old NCCLS specs for Type 1 reagent water, and CLSI specs for Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water. It also meets USP specs for purified water, but is not currently labeled as such. It can be considered ultra-pure water.

This is the same water we use in the preparation of all of our solutions and other products including blood bank saline. The only product exception is Formalin –which only requires water that goes thru the first 5 steps.

Note: EK Industries does not warehouse this material to ensure purity and freshness. We run the water plant every week, so there might be a slight delay in shipping (no more than a couple of days.)

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