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Lab Tech - Artemis Bio-Solutions Antispetic, Disinfectant, Germicidal

Artemis Bio-Solutions offers a range of solutions for disinfection, sanitation and decontamination. 
Artemis products are designed for hospital, clinic, institutional, industrial and household use

Many Industries – Many Solutions

Artemis Bio-Solutions products help serve the decontamination, disinfection and sanitization needs of many industries. Although most have a broad application and use, some products are created for specific needs for specific industries. As with all Artemis products each of these products are strong and effective as well as safe to use.

Artemis Bio-Solutions is constantly at work to discover new solutions for additional industries where there’s a need for safe and effective products. If you are looking for a unique solution and we’re not currently making it, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. We welcome all feedback and ideas.

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Artemis BZK Antiseptic Foaming Hand Sanitizer - Pumps
Price: From $153.97 to $191.76
Artemis BZK Antiseptic Foaming Hand Sanitizer - Pumps
Alcohol and TRICLOSAN free antiseptic sanitizer that kills 99.999% of bacteria on contact. USA FDA Category III monograph compliant product. Independently tested effective against Norovirus.
Artemis Defender Full Spectrum Germicidal Wipes -160Count [6/Case] Canisters
Price: $130.50
Artemis Defender Full Spectrum Germicidal Wipes -160Count [6/Case] Canisters
Artemis Germicidal Wipes are tailored for disinfecting virtually any hard surface, pre-moistened with a bleach-free, alcohol-free and non-staining formula. These germicidal wipes kill 99.999% germs on contact
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